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Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning also offer bird proofing!

Get a FREE solar panel clean with the installation of a PSSC bird proofing system!

Due to the large increase in solar panel installations within recent years, solar panel owners have noticed the increase in birds nesting on roofs. Particularly, pigeons love to create nests underneath solar panels causing a variety of mess with their droppings and nesting material. It also encourages them to make a mess of your solar panels too, forcing them to be cleaned more often and jeopardising the efficiency of your solar panels.

In addition to pigeons being smelly and potentially carrying disease, there is also a risk of nests causing damage to your roof and becoming a fire hazard. We not only remove the offending nests, we also supply and install UV resistant mesh around any open areas of your solar panels creating a bird proof solution. Our solar panel bird proofing services will save you the constant hassle of requiring frequent cleaning and the cost of nest removals.

Bird Proof Solar Panels = Energy Efficient Solar Panels

Being based in North Brisbane, we now service the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and all areas in between. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel bird proofing service and how we can save you money!

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