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Bracken Ridge Gutter Cleaning

Bracken Ridge Gutter Cleaning

Heavy rains and windy weather can block gutters and drains. Sticks, leaves, twigs and other debris can eventually cause leaking roofs and rusty gutters if not cleared. All these factors can consequently, also increase the risk of a house fire.

Protect your property with Bracken Ridge gutter cleaning service.

Bracken Ridge Gutter Cleaning


Why use Bracken Ridge Gutter Cleaning?

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning and Bracken Ridge gutter cleaning can also provide affordable gutter clearing and cleaning. This service is essential for home owners because it also prevents fires.

Our family owned business is the most affordable gutter cleaning service in South East Queensland. Our professional gutter cleaning services are second to none. We take pride in providing a high quality service to all our customers. Our friendly team achieves this by providing all our customers with personal attention and solutions. We can also be trusted to be reliable, prompt and produce excellent work.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels save you money by capturing sunlight to generate electricity. Absorption of sunlight is hindered when debris such as dust, leaves, bird droppings and pollen covers your panels. Because of this your panels need to be cleaned regularly. Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning is the company you need at times like this.

We use environmentally friendly methods to clean your solar panels. Microfibre flat mops, biodegradable and ph neutral cleaning detergents are all used. So that water isn’t wasted, we don’t use high pressure water systems to get the job done.

Bird Proofing

Our company also effectively bird proofs your solar panels. We remove the messy nests and install UV resistant mesh around any open areas of your solar panels. This way, we can stop birds building their homes in your solar panels.


Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning will suit the budget conscious. Our low cost services will amaze you and we also offer discounts to seniors. In addition, customers will benefit from our Referral Rewards System.

Contact Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning on (07) 34824818 for all your Bracken Ridge gutter and solar cleaning needs. Your expectations will be met!