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Caloundra Solar Panel Cleaning

Who Said Caloundra Solar Panel Cleaning Had To Be Hard?

Caloundra Solar Panel CleaningYou have your solar panels up there catching the sun. What if they aren’t catching enough of the sunlight? That means your solar panels aren’t working to capacity. This means that your bill will start to get more and more expensive instead of reducing. This way it’s important to get yourself a Caloundra Solar Panel Cleaning service around every 6 months. If you want your panels to be clean and efficient then why not call Pure Sunshine Panel Cleaning to give your panels the regular service they need.

Why Do My Solar Panels Need A Professional?

There is one major reason to get a professional solar panel cleaning team for your panels. They have experience and know how to handle the delicate nature of the panels themselves. The glass is thick enough to handle wind and general atmospheric pressure. However, enough pressure applying to one section will crack it. Likewise, if you are cleaning the panels with something or some chemical that’s abrasive you will leave permanent damage. This has also been known to affect the shelf life of your solar panels. It’s definitely not worth the risk of let someone with no or less experience near your panels. Pure Sunshine Panel Cleaning is the Caloundra Solar Panel Cleaning experts for 100s of clients.

When Should I Get My Solar Panels Cleaned?

If you own a car or air conditioner, the professional always suggest getting them services at 6-monthly or yearly intervals. Also like like cars and air conditioners, a lot of people don’t listen to this advice. Solar panels require a service and clean every 6 months or sooner the better. They are more acutely affected by the lack of clean. It’s will become very obvious on your next power bill.

So do yourself a favour, contact Pure Sunshine Panel Cleaning today to schedule your panel clean.