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“Why should solar panels be cleaned?”

Put simply – professionally cleaned Solar panels are efficient panels. Efficient panels generate more energy and this energy is then fed back into the grid. Additionally, if your system is a ‘payback’ system – this greater efficiency means more money back to you! Industry research tells us that the lack of professional scheduled cleaning for your solar panel system will cause your panels to lose up to 25% of their efficiency.

“Why should you hire a specialist?”

Accessing your solar panels is dangerous. Enlisting the services of our trained and experienced staff eliminates that risk. All of our staff at Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning are OH&S trained with a ‘Certificate of Attainment’ in the ‘Work Safely at Heights’ course. All staff use roof anchoring, professional heights access, harnesses and safety equipment for their protection and the protection of your panels and property.

When asked, all manufacturers and installers would recommend regular cleaning and maintenance for optimum performance. However, due to the risks of cleaning the panels, installers do not recommend that home owners clean their own systems- due to liability concerns. Having Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning maintain your system is the safest solution.

“How often do I need to have them cleaned?”

Every 6 months for optimum results and efficiency. When PSSC have cleaned your system, our staff will place a sticker with your next cleaning service date onto your power box as a reminder. We will also contact you as this date approaches to book in your next service.

“How much will you save?”

Research out of America (and more recently, Australia) suggests that people are potentially losing hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This happens over time as their systems rapidly lose efficiency with the general buildup of dirt, grime, salt spray and animal waste. This build up can prevent your panels from operating at their “full energy producing capacity by as much as 25%”and some research even suggests more. It’s important to realize that dirt or grime on just one cell can result in loss of power from multiple cells.

The table below gives an approximate break down of the contributors to build up and soiling of solar panels-

Contributors to build up on solar panels

Loss of efficiency

Windborne dust and particles 7%
Water spotting, streaking and residue 5%
Leaf matter 8%
Animal (bird, bat, etc) droppings 10%
* Coastal homes- affected by salt spray 5+%

A combined annual build up of such materials mentioned above will contribute to an approximate reduction of efficiency ranging between 15 and 25%.  The consequent impact on the panels’ effectiveness can equate to a loss of hundreds, to thousands of dollars to the home or business owner.

Again, this figure is easily offset by the reasonable cost of professional cleaning, twice a year. Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning are the people to call.

Cleaning your solar system is just as important as servicing your car but much less expensive. It is easy to put your head in the sand and try to ignore the facts but the evidence is all there. Failure to act on this information will result in inefficient panels and ultimately greater costs to you.

Clean solar panels create more money than the cost of having them cleaned. Rain and storms will not clean your panels!

“Are there any benefits regarding the warranty of my system?”

Having your solar panels cleaned regularly will help to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty and your investment.