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Summer Storms Are On The Way: It’s Time to Get Your Gutter Cleaning Brisbane! Prevent Collapsing Gutters and Water Leaks

If you’re new to homeownership, you’ve probably discovered there’s more than a few things you need to do to maintain your property. One of these tasks, which understandably gets put off, is gutter cleaning. Brisbane gets its fair share of wild storms and it’s extremely important your gutters are cleaned before they hit.

Why is gutter cleaning so important?

Your gutters are designed to funnel water away from your house during heavy downpours. Perfectly functioning gutters will channel the water into your downpipes where it can then safely spit out onto garden beds (or feed a rainwater tank).

But what happens if you leave your gutters clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris?

If you’re lucky you’ll simply find your gutters start to rust. This is because when water can’t drain into the downpipes, it forms stagnant pools of decomposing organic matter – and gutters just don’t like this. If you don’t get your gutters cleaned and repaired at this stage; you could be going about your business one day and CRAAASH! – that would be the sound of a falling gutter – collapsing under the weight of accumulated debris and rust.

And we haven’t told you the worst-case-scenario yet.

If heavy rains hit and your gutters are clogged – things can get really ugly. If the water can’t drain away, it might flow into the eaves of your home, or into the wall cavities or roof space. This could mean you find water dripping through your ceiling. Worse, it could short-circuit electrical wiring. Even worse, if the ceiling cops too much water, it can actually collapse.

Be aware too that most home insurance policies will only cover you for unexpected and unavoidable damage. If your gutters are seriously clogged when your ceiling collapses from excess water, you are on shaky ground in terms of making a claim.

OK so we’ve established that gutter cleaning is important for Brisbane residents especially during storm season. If you’ve never done it before, you’re probably wondering what’s involved. 

How do I clean my gutters?

First off we don’t recommend anyone clean their gutters unless they have the right safety gear. A fall, even from a one-storey house can have severe consequences. It really is a sensible idea to call in professionals who are used to working at heights and on roofs. In Brisbane you should have no problem finding such a gutter cleaning service provider.

If you are determined to do it yourself make sure you have the following equipment:

  • A reliable ladder
  • A ladder safety device (a tool that clamps your ladder directly onto the guttering). A good quality device can be easily adjusted and moved and not cause damage to your guttering.
  • Thick gloves (you never know what sharp objects or wildlife you’ll find in gutters)
  • A scraper or even old kitchen tongs; and
  • A brush

The actual gutter cleaning process is very straightforward, it’s simply a matter of working your way methodically around the house, and pulling out as much material from your gutters as you can. Use the scraper or tongs where the gutter gets too narrow for your hands. Get out what you can and then use the brush to sweep out the gutter bottom. The job doesn’t have to be perfect – you are not going to get out every speck of dirt, but be thorough. As you can imagine, it’s messy, dangerous and time consuming.

Want to save yourself the hassle? Have a professional clean your gutters for you. 

Give our friendly Brisbane north team a call today and book your hassle-free and cost effective gutter cleaning service.