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Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning The Team 2_rs

“We had NO idea how filthy our solar panels were until we saw the before and after photos that Luke took. We were wondering why our power bills were creeping up! Now we know – we will have Luke and the team back every 6 months”. ~ J. David Brisbane

“As we have always lived by the water, I had never thought of how the salt would effect the solar panels. This was until our solar output started to decrease. Turns out the salt in the air had formed a film over our panels. We have had them team out year after year to maintain our panels and couldn’t be happier with the service. We have recommended them to our neighbours and friends”. ~ Sandra, Brighton.

“Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning clean our solar panels and gutters every year and we would highly recommend them to everyone. They give us a seniors discount and we are appreciative of that.” ~ Helen. A, Nundah.

“Luke is a very personable fellow. He always asks about my health and the grand kids. He is professional but friendly and always does a great job. Look forward to seeing you again in 6 months Luke!” ~ T & R Baker, Ormeau.

“We had a real problem with pigeons nesting on our roof. We had other people out and tried everything we could think of to get rid of them. We spent over $1000 and to no avail before a friend recommended Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning. Luke came out, measured up our place and was able to come back the following week to clear the nests and install the mesh around our panels. Now – we are happily pigeon FREE!!! Thank you Luke” ~ L. Anderson, Bridgeman Downs.

“As soon as our panels were cleaned, we could see the numbers going up and up on our inverter! It was amazing! Get your panels cleaned! We live by the highway and never knew how filthy they were.” ~ Julie, Murrumba Downs.