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Redcliffe Solar Panel Cleaning

 Who’s The Leading Redcliffe Solar Panel Cleaning Company?

Caloundra Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels are one of your best financial investments as well as a way to ensure our planet’s future. Servicing and cleaning your solar panels on a regular basis saves you money and maintains the electricity they can generate. 

Why Do My Solar Panels Need To Be Serviced?

Solar panels are delicate, but also need to be sturdy enough to cope with the wind and other natural hazards. They generate electricity by using sunlight particles to knock electrons off atoms. In order for this amazing scientific process to take place, the sunlight needs to pass through thin glass panels. Failing to clean these panels or allowing dirt to gather on them reduces the amount of sunlight coming through, just like a window. Your solar panels are therefore not able to generate as much electricity when they are dirty. Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning, the Redcliffe solar panel cleaning company, suggests a regularly scheduled cleaning plan to keep your solar panels at their peak.

We recommend a regular clean of your solar panels to keep them working and generating electricity. If left, you may be looking at a reduction in energy production, faults, and potentially complete replacement. If you decide, however, to have Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning work on your panels, you will continue to see the best results from your solar system.

Do I Really Need a Redcliffe Solar Panel Cleaning Specialist?

The simple and quick answer is yes. Solar panels are very delicate. You’ll find that some chemicals that agitate the surface will scratch the panels. Likewise, high-pressure hoses may potentially break or at least damage them. You need a dedicated team with the skill and knowledge to do your solar panel cleaning without damage.

When Should I Get My Solar Panels Cleaned?

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning advises their customers to have their solar panels clean at least, every 6 months or sooner. This ensures they will work efficiently and continue to save you and your household money.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning to clean and maintain your solar panel investment.