solar panel cleaning services

Eco Friendly Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Installing solar panels is a significant investment, and like most investments that you desire a return on… need to be looked after and maintained. Backed by SolarGreen™, Pure Sunshine Solar Panel Cleaning Services are all about ensuring that your solar panels are kept clean while using an environmentally friendly cleaning process.

Solar panels are meant to save you money. This only happens if they let in all of the available sunshine. Things like dust, animal droppings, water spotting and leaf matter do build up eventually blocking sections or all of the light from getting into your solar panel. Leaving this type of matter on solar panels for any length of time can cause mould to grow that even heavy rain won’t clean off. MORE >>


Safety Prevention Gutter Cleaning Service

Windy weather and heavy rains do tend to cause blocked drains. In addition to our convenient solar panel cleaning services, we also offer gutter cleaning. This helps prevent sticks and twigs from blocking your gutters as well as clogging up your down pipes, which in-turn, prevents leaking roofs caused by overflowing gutters, damage to gutters from rust and getting too heavy. Regular cleaning of your gutters is also recommended to reduce fire hazard. MORE >>


Bird and Pest Proofing Solutions

With the increase in solar panels being installed, there has been an increase in the amount of birds and pigeons nesting in and around homes. Particularly, pigeons love to nest underneath solar panels causing a lot of mess with their droppings and nesting material. It also encourages them to make a mess of your solar panels too forcing them to be cleaned more often and jeopardising the efficiency of your solar panels. Apart from the fact that they are smelly, carry disease and can cause damage to your roof, nests can also cause a fire hazard. We not only remove the offending nests, we also supply and install UV resistant mesh around any open areas of your solar panels creating a bird proof solution, and reducing the need for extra solar panel cleaning services. MORE >>


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