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Pure Sunshine Solar Panel Cleaning services homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Moreton Bay. As operators in the green energy space, we are committed to mitigating our environmental impact by only using biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products. We also respect our waterways by curtailing water usage on the job as much as possible. Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning is all about safety – our rooftop crews are trained to work at heights and equipped with appropriate safety gear – there’s no need for you to risk getting on your roof when we are trained for it!

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Bird Proofing Solutions

Pigeons love to nest under solar panels and unfortunately they are not the tidiest bird! Their sizeable droppings can corrode parts of your solar panels, as well as reducing their efficiency. Plus, their presence can lead to unwelcome visitors like mites and rats.

Not only do we completely remove the offending nests by providing high quality solar panel cleaning services to return your panel to sparkling condition, we also supply and install UV resistant mesh around open areas of your solar panels creating a 100 percent bird proof solution.

Unlike other companies who claim to offer similar services, Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning provides a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on bird proofing installation. For customers who commit to an annual cleaning service, we are pleased to offer a LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE.

Our bird proofing solution is completely customisable for small houses or large commercial warehouses. We’ll consider the unique design and placement of your solar panels to inform our install approach.

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Affordable Solar Panel Cleaning 

Did you know your solar panels need regular cleaning to work at optimum efficiency? Over time organic matter like leaf litter, dirt and bird and animal droppings can build up on solar panels. This means they don’t have access to as much sunlight and consequently produce less electricity.

Keeping your panels clean ensures optimum electricity production but it also protects them from things like mould build-up and corrosion (caused by bird and bat droppings). This means they’ll last you longer!

At Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning we only use environmentally friendly, biodegradable products, meaning run-off is 100 percent safe for water tanks. Click here to find out more about our professional and affordable solar panel cleaning service.

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Rigorous Gutter Cleaning 

Because of the size and angle of most gutters, heavy rain is not enough to keep them clear of debris. However getting up on your roof can be dangerous – that’s where we come in! Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning offers affordably priced and thorough gutter cleaning service. Our team are trained to work at heights and equipped with full safety equipment, meaning they can focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about toppling off the roof!

We recommend you clean your gutters regularly to ensure downpipes and gutters remain unblocked. Blocked gutters and pipes can result in gutter rot, gutter collapse and even flooding and damage to interior walls.

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