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Solar Panel Bird Proofing
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Why are Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services needed?

In addition to Solar Cleaning, we also provide bird proofing solutions! The mesh that gets rid of the mess.

With the increase in solar panels across South East Queensland, the number of birds nesting on roofs around and under solar panels has also increased. In particular, pigeons commonly nest underneath solar panels causing a variety of mess with their droppings and nesting material. This rise has also lead to an increase in birds making a mess on your solar panels too. This jeopardises the efficiency of your solar panels without regular solar panel cleans.


The Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning Point of Difference

Unlike other companies that offer similar services, Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning provides a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on your Bird and Pest Proofing installation. For customers who commit to an annual cleaning service, we also offer a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.

In a day and age when quick, cheap, rip off alternatives are impacting almost every industry, it is vital that consumers carefully review their service providers to guard themselves against cheap imitation kits on offer. These often include faulty or cheap parts and mesh are derive from poor quotation techniques over the phone or Google earth, costing you more in time, stress, and money in the long run.

Reputable companies are the ones who will invest their time in ensuring a onsite consultation and FREE personalised quote is supplied for a fully customised barrier system. Our service is as personal as your home.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast

Due to their abilities to create large amounts of excrement, carry disease and the mess they create pigeons are largely considered a nuisance.

If left unattended, their nests can become smelly and can significant damage your solar panels and roof. They can also attract ticks, mites, cockroaches and rats and the risk of fire greatly increases due to dried out birds nests.

Servicing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, we provide and install a UV stable bird proofing mesh around any open areas of your solar panels creating a bird proof solution. As part of this service, we also remove and clean up after any offending birds nests and give your solar panels a full clean. By removing access to these favourite nesting locations, our solar panel bird proofing will save you the constant hassle and expense of frequent cleaning and bird nest removal.


Bird Proof Solar Panels = Energy Efficient Solar Panels

Being based in North Brisbane, we also service the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and all areas in between. Regular and quality cleaning of your solar panels, to ensure all bird droppings and mess are cleaned off. This will ensure maximum efficiency of your solar panels and keep them looking great.


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