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Our Effective Bird Proofing Service Protects Your Solar Panels

Many bird proofing products have been developed to stop birds roosting and nesting in places we don’t like, however a lot of them prove ineffective, or only partially successful. At Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning we guarantee our customisable bird proofing service works exactly as intended and we’ll provide you with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.

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Why Pigeons and Solar Panels Don’t Mix

A small number of bird species have adapted well to urban life in Australia, trading in cliff faces and tree branches to raise their young inside overpasses, under eaves and yes, on rooftops. Feral Pigeons naturally congregate on rooftops and have developed a real fondness for nesting under solar panels. It’s free shelter and a nice safe location, what more could a pigeon ask for?

Unfortunately, pigeons do not mix with solar panels. There are two main reasons for this: 

  • Pigeon droppings are known to have a corrosive effect on some components of solar panels.
  • If pigeons are nesting under your solar panels, they are also perching on top, tarnishing your panels with pigeon poo, thus reducing their efficiency and requiring you to get them cleaned more regularly.

As well as damaging your solar panels, pigeons can attract pests like rats, mice, ticks and mites plus their droppings can also degrade the surface of your roof. For these reasons if you’ve got solar panels, you need bird proofing installation pronto.


Bird Proofing Service

How Do We Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning supplies and installs a UV stable bird proofing mesh around all open areas of your solar panels. Before we install the panels we’ll conduct a complete clean up of the space underneath your panels and we’ll also clean your solar panels FREE OF CHARGE. Once the mesh is installed, the pigeons will quickly realise there’s no way to access the underneath of your solar panels and will move on. Our bird proofing installation method is completely customisable to suit the size and shape of your solar panels and rooftop. It is 100 percent effective, and very durable which is why we offer our five year warranty. 

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