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Our Effective Bird Proofing System Protects Your Solar Panels

Many bird proofing products have been developed to stop birds nesting and making a mess in places we don’t like. Unfortunately, a lot DIY and professionally installed bird proofing systems prove ineffective, deteriorate quickly or are simply ugly to look at.

At Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning, we guarantee that our customisable bird proofing system will work exactly as intended. We believe in our bird proofing product and installation so much, that we’re willing to offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Pigeons & Solar Panels Don’t Mix Well

Often referred to as the rats of the sky Pigeons have adapted well to suburban life in Australia. Solar panels offer feral pigeons a protected, warm and easy to access place to nest.

The problem with this is that pigeons are messy. Here’s just some of the reasons why bird proofing your solar panels is a smart choice.

  1. Pigeon droppings are known to have a corrosive effect on some components of solar panels
  2. Pigeons will nest under your solar panels, plus perch on top, tarnishing your panels with pigeon poo. Over time, this dramatically reduces the efficiency of your panels plus makes a mess out of your roof
  3. Snakes love roofs too, particularly ones with nesting birds PLUS there’s the added nuisance of rodents, ticks and mice being attracted to your roof too.

Here’s What Your Roof Could Look Like Right Now

Here’s What It Should Look Like

How Do We Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning supplies and installs a UV stable bird proofing mesh around all open areas of your solar panels. Before we install the panels we’ll conduct a complete clean up of the space underneath your panels and we’ll also clean your solar panels FREE OF CHARGE. Once the mesh is installed, the pigeons will quickly realise there’s no way to access the underneath of your solar panels and will move on. Our bird proofing installation method is completely customisable to suit the size and shape of your solar panels and rooftop. It is 100% effective, and very durable.

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