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Bird Proofing Redcliffe

Bird Proofing Redcliffe – Our Quality Solutions!

We do more than just provide bird proofing at bird proofing Redcliffe. We also clean your gutters, solar panels and the mess made by birds nesting under them!

Have you noticed that installations of solar panels across Redcliffe has increased over the last few years? The number of birds nesting under and around them has also increased. Pigeons, especially, like nesting underneath solar panels, and this creates mess and a range of different problems.

Bird Proofing Redcliffe

Why Bird Proofing Matters

Because they have adapted to living and thriving in our Redcliffe area, pigeons have created a range of problems around our homes. With more birds living near you, it’s also more likely they will make a mess of your solar panels too. Without regular cleaning, the efficiency of your solar panels can then become compromised.

Due to their ability to create large amounts of excrement and to carry disease pigeons are largely considered a nuisance. The mess these pigeons create also attracts ticks, cockroaches, mites and rats. If ignored, their smelly mess can even cause damage to your solar panels and roof. Dried out birds nests, if not attended to, can furthermore create a fire risk.

Minimising all these problems is easy, however.

Bird Proofing Redcliffe

By removing the pigeon’s access to their nesting location under your solar panels, our bird proofing services solve all these problems. We save you the expense and constant hassle of needing to regularly clean and remove nests.  

Servicing the Sunshine Coast, we install and provide UV stable bird proofing mesh. This is placed in the open areas around your solar panels and creates a bird proofing solution. Our bird proofing Sunshine Coast service also includes removing and cleaning up any offending bird’s nests. We also clean your solar panels as well. 

Bird Proof Solar Panels means Energy Efficient Solar Panels

We don’t just service Redcliffe either. We also offer our service throughout the Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas.


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