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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning 

We consistently strive to provide the best possible experience to all our customers across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Because we employ several solar panel cleaning crews you can be confident we’ll offer you prompt and friendly service. We only use trusted, environmentally friendly cleaning products on your roof and we’ll let you know if we spot any solar panel-related problems (cracking, water seepage etc) giving you peace of mind.

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What are the Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning?

Solar panels (especially flat-mounted ones) are not protected from the elements – they can become tarnished by bird and bat droppings, salt spray, water spotting, leaves, dust and other debris. This can affect the performance of the panels, reducing their efficiency.

Bird and bat droppings can also corrode some panel elements potentially curtailing their life-span. We’ll ensure your panels are sparkling clean so they can operate at optimum capacity, and you don’t have to worry about them.

Your solar hot water panel can also suffer similar effects from the elements, we can clean this as well while we’re on your roof.

If your solar panels are due for a clean

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Most of our business comes from referrals because we constantly strive to deliver the best possible customer service and results. We offer our environmentally friendly solar panel cleaning services at affordable prices and we only use an extremely gentle, biodegradable cleaning product which is safe for water tanks. The product we use is also designed to rinse away completely, leaving your panels free of streaks.

Our professional, licensed roof-top solar panel cleaners will remove tough, caked-on matter without damaging your panels in any way. We also a FREE SOLAR PANEL CLEAN if you request our bird proofing service at the same time.

We’ve been cleaning solar panels across south east Queensland for 6 years. You can trust us to deliver a quality result every time.

Safety is a top priority at Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning. Our solar panel cleaning teams are trained for working at heights and equipped with appropriate safety gear including roof anchoring devices and harnesses. This means they can get the job done efficiently with no nasty accidents.