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How to clean solar panels

How to clean solar panels?

If you have ever wondered how to clean solar panels, here’s  a summary of our approach.

As with any part of your home, solar panels get dirty. This is often a combination of dirt, dust, twigs, leaves and bird and bat droppings. Unfortunately, heavy rainfall is not enough to remove this and too much pressure (i.e. from a pressure washer) can cause significant damage to your solar panels and your roof. So what do you do?

Bird Proofing

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

We use specially selected microfiber mops, that gently yet effectively removes all dust, dirt and animal droppings. Like a magnet, our mops attracts and traps all of this dirt and dust. It also removes most tree sap and leaf matter restoring the efficiency of your solar panels.

For solar panels that require a deeper clean, we use a chemical cleaning agent to clean any above average build up. To achieve results without having a negative environmental impact, we use a highly efficient, bio-degradable and PH neutral cleaning detergent. Our detergents contain several unique surfactants and are designed to rinse away for a streak free finish.

Solar Panel Cleaning Safety

Safety is of upmost importance! This is why all PSSC employees are ‘Work Safely at Heights’ trained with a Certificate of Attainment. We’re proud of our 100% incident free track record and heavily advise anyone wishing to clean their solar panels to pay a trained and qualified professional.

From safety harnesses and roof anchorage systems to use of telescopic mop poles and gutter brackets, we are committed to ensuring personal safety of our staff and protection of your property. We also extend this safety-theme by providing our staff with high UV ray protection shirts, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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