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Clontarf Solar Panel Cleaning

Clontarf Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is an important investment. Just like windows becoming dirty and difficult to see out of, solar panels get covered in bird droppings, pollution and dust. This obscures the sun’s rays and the ability to harness the “Free Energy” you’d expect from your solar panel investment. This layer of dirty film therefore compromises the effectiveness of your solar panels.

When mixed with moisture from rain or a hose this debris can then become hard. As a result, this hardened layer of grime is difficult to remove. 

 Before Solar Panel Cleaning  After Solar Panel Cleaning
Before and After Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

How to clean solar panels

If you are looking for someone to clean your solar panels, please be mindful that some techniques can cause damage. Gurneying, pressure washing or using the wrong cleaning solutions can cause damage and corrosion to your solar panels. Also, a standard garden hose won’t work for caked on dust and grime.

There is also the danger associated with working from heights and in slippery conditions. For all these reasons we highly recommend utlising the services of a professional cleaning company to ensure the safety of you, your property and your solar panels.

Safe solar panel cleaning

Due to the high risk nature of cleaning solar panels, we take safety very seriously. To ensure the safety of our staff and ensure there is no damage to your property, we employ a range of tools and procedures. These include using gutter brackets for ladders and also telescopic cleaning tools. Our solar panel cleaning staff also work in pairs and are Working at Heights accredited.

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning also offers gutter cleaning and bird proofing throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

Contact Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning today and you can even score a FREE solar panel clean with the installation of our proven and popular bird proofing system!

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