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Solar Panel Cleaner

A Solar Panel Cleaner Saves You More Money

Solar panels get dirty over time, with bird droppings, dust and debris. Heavy rain or a garden hose is not enough to remove this and a pressure water can cause significant damage to your solar panels. If sunlight is unable to penetrate through and be leveraged, this causes a massive reduction on your panel’s energy efficiency and your ability to continue saving money on electricity. This is where our professional solar panel cleaner team can help.

Solar Panel cleaner - Maroochydore Solar Panel Cleaning

A Counterintuitive Argument Solved By Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning

There is an argument that says the value of your solar energy contribution becomes less valuable over time. This means that that the energy produced by your solar panels is valued less and less on your quarterly electricity bills. This is not necessarily the truth. If you aren’t having your panels cleaned regularly, they are getting dirtier and deteriorating over time. This could be what is causing a reduction of your of energy production flowing on to an increase in your power bill.

Is Hiring A Solar Panel Cleaner Essential?

If you are seeing reduced financial benefits of having solar panels installed being reflected on your electricity bill, it’s likely time to hire a solar panel cleaner.

Because solar panels are delicate, any undue pressure can actually cause irreversible damage. It’s recommended to hire a professional solar panel cleaner to to safety and effectively restore your solar panel’s ability to do their job.

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning also recommends that solar panels be cleaned every 6 months to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The longer you wait, the more grime and debris continue to build up and your savings diminish during this time not to mention damage resulting from corrosion.

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