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My Solar Panel System

I am personally aware of the benefits of solar energy for the environment and for ourselves. I have a 21 panel 5 k/w system installed on my roof.

Check out the simple calculation below to compare the cost of cleaning my large system to the returns I am receiving from Origin Energy (my households’ energy provider).

My 6 month solar contribution is = $1761.00 CR
My 6 monthly return is = $1399.21 CR

In regards to cleaning a system this size, consider this:
A 21 panel, 5 kilowatt system costs $259 to clean and inspect 6 monthly. It will require approx. 2 Hours to have the surface and surrounds of my panels professionally cleaned. This is minimal – considering our return of over $1300!

Your individual results will obviously differ- depending on the size of your system, energy efficiency and of course your cleaning maintenance. Smaller systems are quicker to clean and therefore less expensive. Ultimately, the cost to the customer is always relative to the individual setup.

Regardless of the size of your system, the benefits far outweigh the costs of professional cleaning.

Luke Vervoorn
Owner/Manager of Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning