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Cleaning, Safety & Equipment

safe solar panel cleaning

Pure Sunshine Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast uses micro fiber flat mops, to softly but effectively remove all dust, dirt, animal droppings, tree and leaf matter from your solar panels. The micro fiber flat mop attracts dirt and dust like a magnet!

For solar panel systems that require a chemical cleaning agent due to increased build up-PSSC uses a highly efficient, bio-degradable and PH neutral cleaning detergent. This allows us to achieve optimum results with no negative side effects on our waterways or environment. Our detergents contain several unique surfactants and are designed to rinse away freely leaving no streaks.


Solar Panel Cleaning Fast Facts

  • Dirty solar panels produce less energy- potentially a loss of 25% of their efficiency
  • Rain and Storms WILL NOT clean your solar panels
  • Professional cleaning is recommended every 6 months for top performance


Safe Solar Panel Cleaning Practices

PSSC holds the safety of our workers and customers as our highest priority. All employees are ‘Work Safely at Heights’ trained with a Certificate of Attainment in course RIIOHS204A through ‘Pinnacle’ PTY LTD.

Our staff are well experienced to ensure our 100% incident free track record continues.

Safety Fast Facts:

  • Solar panel cleaning is a high risk task that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals. This is also a ‘Working at Heights’ requirement.
  • PSSC always use appropriate protective gear. See ‘Equipment’ below.
  • We ensure that there will be 2 staff members at each job as a safety requirement. This also protects our staff if you are not home at the time in-case of an emergency. Therefore, no ‘Safety Spotter’ fee applies.


Equipment for Safe Solar Panel Cleaning

Pure Sunshine Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane use the best and latest in Working at Heights access equipment. This includes safety harnesses and roof anchorage systems. Our solar panel cleaners use telescopic and adjustable poles to keep them in a safe and secure position at all times. Also, when using ladders, our staff always use gutter brackets to secure the ladder. This means increaed personal safety for our staff and protection of your property. As Queenslanders, our staff are also extremely sun smart. Our staff wear shirts with a high UV ray protection, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen at all job sites.