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environmentally friendly solar panel cleaning service Brisbane

Here at Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning we use microfiber flat mops which attract dirt & dust like a magnet – reducing the need for chemicals. The mop heads themselves are also machine washable and reusable to prevent waste.

If necessary, Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning will only use a highly effective, bio-degradable and pH neutral cleaning detergent. This highly concentrated solution is a natural citrus based product. It is also heavy metal and chlorine free and stored within a recyclable container. It is also proudly Australian Made.

This solution is safe for water tanks and allows us to achieve optimum results with no negative side effects on our waterways. Our detergents contain several unique surfactants, grease and residue cutters and are designed to rinse away freely leaving no streaks.

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning employees are trained to be water conscious and work efficiently to reduce water wastage.

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning is proud to be an Australian Owned and Operated Business and works hard to ensure the care of our Aussie waterways and environment at all times through the use of environmentally friendly products and procedures, once again adding to the increasing benefits of nature friendly solar energy systems.

For more information on how we consider the environment, our cleaning procedures or to make a booking to have your system cleaned, please Contact Us Now!