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Maroochydore Bird Proofing

Maroochydore bird proofing

Maroochydore bird proofing solutions that work!

We don’t just clean solar panels, we also offer Maroochydore bird proofing!

Maroochydore bird proofing mesh

With the increase in solar panel installations across South East Qld, there has been a noticeable increase in birds nesting on roofs around and under solar panels around Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast region . In particular, pigeons commonly nest underneath solar panels causing a variety of mess. With an increase in birds living in and around our homes also increases the likelihood of them making a mess of your solar panels. This jeopardises the efficiency of your solar panels without very regular solar panel cleans.

Maroochydore bird proofing – Sunshine Coast

Due to their ability to create large amounts of excrement and to carry disease pigeons are largely considered a nuisance and they have adapted exceptionally well to living and thriving in cities and suburbia.

Pigeons are known to be noisy and the mess they create, if ignored, is smelly and can significant damage to your solar panels and roof. They can also attract ticks, mites, cockroaches and rats and the risk fire greatly increases with unattended dried out birds nests.

By removing their access to these favourite nesting locations, our solar panel bird proofing services will save you the constant hassle and expense of frequent cleaning and nest removal.

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we provide and install a UV stable bird proofing mesh around any open areas of your solar panels creating a bird proof solution. Our Maroochydore bird proofing also includes the removal and clean up after any offending birds nests and give your solar panels a full clean.

Bird Proof Solar Panels = Energy Efficient Solar Panels

Being based in North Brisbane, we now service the Sunshine Coast. Contact us today and receive your…

FREE solar panel clean

with the installation of a

PSSC Maroochydore bird proofing system!