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Solar panel cleaning Gold Coast

SAVE by not losing up to 25% Efficiency

What’s the cost?

Solar Panel Cleaning – Our prices are quoted depending on the size (kilowatt and number of panels) of your system plus GST. 
Prices start from $150 + GST

Solar Hot Water Panel Cleaning – Our prices are quoted individually. Prices start at $12 per panel if we are already cleaning your solar panels. We do have a $132 minimum charge to come and clean the hot water system panels.

Gutter Cleaning – From $165. This includes removal of waste if requested.

Bird Proofing Solutions – Our prices are quoted personally after measuring and considering your home and panel size.

If you have a current quote from a competitor – we will beat it! Best price…guaranteed.

We ensure that there will be 2 staff members at each job as a safety requirement. This also protects our staff if you are not home at the time in-case of an emergency. Therefore, no ‘Safety Spotter’ fee applies.

Payment options

Cash, card (portable EFTPOS machine carried with staff member) or bank transfer.

Travel Charge

A small travel charge may apply if your residence is 30 minutes or more outside of our local operating area. Considering the location of your residence – our staff will inform you if this charge applies when making your booking.

For more information regarding our pricing or to make a booking please contact us.