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Gutter Cleaning

Put a Stop to Blocked Downpipes and Gutters

Pure Sunshine Solar Cleaning specialises in working at heights. All our rooftop crews are equipped with the appropriate safety gear and training, which means we can have your gutters cleaned quickly and thoroughly with no nasty safety incidents. We offer affordable prices for our gutter cleaning service and can even supply and install customisable gutter guarding to reduce the amount of dirt and debris entering your gutter system. 

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How to Tell When Gutters Need Cleaning 

If you can see plants growing in your gutters, this is a sure sign they need cleaning. Even if you can’t spot any foliage, if your gutters haven’t been cleared in a while, there’s a good chance debris has been building up in them. Depending on where you live, and on how many trees you have around your rooftop, we recommend you get your gutters cleaned regularly, and especially before storm season starts. Because south east Queensland is a very green area with lots of suburban trees, gutter cleaning is one of those regular tasks for homeowners. 

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Why Gutters Need Regular Cleaning

Organic debris (like leaves, twigs, dust, feathers and animal droppings) builds up in gutters over time. When sufficient debris accumulates, rainwater can no longer drain into the downpipes as intended. This means you end up with water sitting in your gutters with no place to go, which can have the effect of slowly rotting your gutters.

If the debris gets too heavy, when combined with the damage caused by rot, your gutters can simply collapse, toppling from the roof. This could be dangerous as well as expensive.

Most alarmingly, if your gutters are clogged up and you experience heavy rain, your ceiling and interior walls can sustain water damage.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if your gutters are filled with debris and dry out completely, they can represent a fire hazard during bushfire season.

Our Approach to Gutter Cleaning 

As we’ve mentioned, we take roof-top safety very seriously and can guarantee our team will clean your gutters safely and thoroughly. We offer affordably priced gutter cleaning services and because we employ a number of rooftop teams, we can also offer fast turn-around times.

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